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Magic Notes|Love ritual tutorials revealed

Dec 29,2022 | lovespelltemple

What 🌟 Magic Rituals Can Help You 🌟

 / career category / 

>Getting a job ritual

>Make bosses value you

>Convince clients to sign up

>Increase performance and turnover/Contact debt

 / Emotional / 

>Ritual of attracting flowers

>Make the other party fall in love with your ritual

>Return ceremony/repair relationship repair marriage ceremony

 > break love ceremony / cut off the rotten flowers / go to the third party ceremony

 / wealth ritual / 

>Getting wealth / attracting money/money rain

>successful interview/promotion

>Stay out of trouble/clean up career villains

Magic Notes|Love ritual tutorials revealed

Love magic ritual

🌈Time of operation: New or full moon is fine~

🥀 You need to prepare. 

✅Two white candles

✅ One pink (red candle)

✅Parchment paper

✅Rose flowers

✅ Lavender

✅Jasmine flowers

✅Love Magic Oil


🧚🏻♀️ Operation steps‼

1: First engrave your name on the pink candle, then apply the magic oil on the candle and finally blow a breath onto the candle to empower him

2: Write your message and request on the parchment paper

3: Find a fireproof plate (wish paper placed under the fireproof container) and line up the candles in the dish, the pink candle in the middle, the name carved on the candle facing you, then light the pink candle in the middle, then light the white candle on the left, and finally burn the white candle on the right.

4: Begin to meditate on your wishes; meditate on your desires that have been realized and, the process of realization, how you feel for about 5 to 10 minutes

5: mix roses, Lavender, jasmine, and pink candles in the center; use a mixture of herbs in the tray to lay crossroads; lay cross roads when the herbs can be slightly away from the candle to prevent the candle ignite the herbs (pay attention to fire !!!!)

6: The final candle tears and herbs can be recalled to nature, wish paper can be placed at home where no one can see touched or put in a bottle or bag to carry with you; after the wish is fulfilled, you can return the wish paper to nature.

🔮 is not super easy ~ try it ~

Magic Notes|Love ritual tutorials revealed