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How to use white magic to attract love or attention from a loved one?

Dec 30,2022 | lovespelltemple

How to use white magic to attract love or attention from a loved one?


Many people suffer from a lack of love. Love is a feeling of well-being, confidence, and satisfaction everyone wants to experience. Sometimes it isn't easy to feel this feeling. Either because love has not yet come into your life or the person you love and desire does not love you back. Fortunately, there are ways, such as white magic, to attract the love or attention of your loved one. Could you find out more about it in this article?

How to use white magic to attract love or attention from a loved one?


What is white magic, and when should it be used?

A practice based on ancient beliefs and somewhat mysterious methods, white magic is becoming more and more prevalent in society. White magic is a set of love spells rituals that aim to interact with certain aspects of life that involve white magic for love, luck (work, finances, prosperity), health, etc. It allows us to modify these aspects in the future. It will enable us to alter these aspects in a positive direction. White magic, unlike the other types of magic (black and red), allows you to activate the positive forces in your life and prevent certain situations that can be disastrous. In addition, this type of magic can be used to divert evil spells from your life and bring you happiness.


Moreover, the functioning of white magic is simple. It is based on the use of love spells rituals and laws of an invisible universe and spells with elementary accessories, easy to find. These are, among others: candles of different colors, flowers, essential oils, perfume, stones, matches, etc. Some rituals can be performed with food, including bananas, honey, plants, etc.


How to perform a love ritual?

To perform a love ritual and hope to have conclusive results, you must be in a particular state of mind. Indeed, it would help if you had positive thoughts, knew what you wanted, had the necessary ingredients, and above all, handled them well to succeed in the love spells ritual. For example, if you wish to have a good time with your loved one, you can do a seduction ritual instead of a love ritual. The latter involves a particular commitment and is performed to attract and make a specific person fall in love with you while seeking sure durability in the relationship. These two types of rituals require different ingredients and achievements. Once this nuance is established, you should learn how to perform white magic.


All white magic is performed with the help of 4 essential elements, including fire, air, earth, and wind. In the execution of the ritual, each of these elements must be represented by specific ingredients. Furthermore, the love rituals of white magic must be performed in a clean, private place where no one will come and disturb you. Likewise, the days of the week and the full moon influence the feelings and, therefore, the results of your ritual. Being directly linked to the stars, the good day for a love spell is Friday because it is ruled by Venus (the planet of women, beauty, and love...).


However, if you do not put some seriousness in the realization of the love spells ritual, it will not be able to work, and therefore, you will not have the expected result. You should put yourself in the shoes of the bewitcher and think like him. Be aware that this type of magic has no consequences or side effects on the person being bewitched or you.

How to use white magic to attract love or attention from a loved one?

What white magic rituals should I perform to find love?


There are so many white magic love spells and rituals to do to find love. The important thing is to know the ingredients associated with them and, above all, to respect the rules for performing them. Discover below some simple recipes that you can achieve.


White magic ritual to find love

This ritual is straightforward and harmless. You will only need to summon good spirits. Also, you will have to use objects such as white or red candles, honey, toothpick, and matches.


To perform this spells  love spells ritual:

  1. Sit down in front of a well-cleaned table.
  2. Take the candle, and write your name on one side and the name of your loved one on the other side using the toothpick.
  3. On the two sides, write the word "love" and coat the candle with honey, so it runs through the writing.
  4. Light the candle with the match and let it burn while you concentrate on the flame say the formula to attract love three times, then let the candle burn until it is finished.

Once completely burned, throw the candle into flowing water (river or stream).



The formula is the flame of Venus, the flame of love. Burn in the heart of (pronounce the name of your lover). May his love be given to me, and may he come to me who is waiting for him.


Ritual of an emotional return


The emotional return  love spells ritual is performed when you notice the first signs of your partner's departure. As ingredients, you will need two red candles, a picture of your loved one, your favorite jewel (preferably gold), and matches.


Put the candles on the table and place the photo of the individual between them. Then light the candles. Take the jewel with your hand and make 07 circles over the image with the catch in your hand, clockwise, while viewing the happy moments with it, then say the formula. Repeat the steps twice in succession. This ritual must be performed on 03 consecutive evenings during the week of the new moon.


The formula is: "I invoke you, Venus, goddess of love, Venus who gives the happiness of love, I beg you. May (person's name) come back to me, in love as on the first day, soon and forever.


In short, white magic is harmless with no consequences for the person who uses it. There are several rituals to find love or  love spells rituals of emotional return. It is enough to respect the steps of realization and the ingredients to benefit from the results.