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Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple


1、Harry Potter spell list

2、What are the spells in Harry Potter and how to recite them?

3, the most gentle spell in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter spell list

Before we start, we will advertise our recent competition. The registration link is at the end of this article.


Xiaosa teacher guide: The author of this article is Mr. Longcat, who is one of the best teachers in Scholastic Hill at teaching English reading/writing to younger students. Mr. Longcat has received a good English education since he was a child, and his basic English skills are very good.

He went to Xiamen Foreign Language Primary School (外附小) in elementary school and Xiamen No. 1 High School, a Top 3 school in Fujian Province, in the international section. However, as an undergraduate, he followed his family's advice and went to Michigan State University, where he majored in electrical engineering.

But after graduation, Mr. Longcat found that his favorite subject is still English, and his favorite career is still teaching, especially teaching English to younger students. I love teaching because I am really good at it. I have sat in on many of Mr. Longcat's classes. He is very expressive in his classes: his British accent is very authentic and he knows how to tell stories that students like to tell to keep their attention and interest in the class.

His most common reference in class is the Harry Potter story, as his students love the novel. And, Mr. Totoro himself is a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, and he has named himself a Harry Potter 8th grade scholar at his company.

For more of Mr. Totoro's story, you can read these 2 articles (on Scholastic Hill):

Totoro and Reading


Now, let's bring out the Harry Potter Level 8 Scholar, Mr. Totoro, to continue to explain the secrets of the Harry Potter spell that you don't know.

Please welcome Mr. Totoro!

Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells

In the last issue, we learned some basic knowledge about magic spells and the classification of some spells.

In this issue, Mr. Totoro will quietly share with you some more magical spells, why quietly?

Because these are magic spells that will affect other people, some of them are pranks, and some of them will cause very serious harm to others, even involving forbidden black magic.


Originally these spells we will only be taught in the school's black magic defense class, Longcat teacher today to reveal some to you first. (After you have learned, do not use these spells on other people, otherwise it may cause more serious consequences!)Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells


Before we learn these magic spells, we might as well review the classification of magic spells we once gave you in the last section.

In The Standard Book of Spell, all spells are classified as Transfiguration, Charm, Jinx, Hex, Curse, Healing, and Counter Spell. Spell (healing spell) and Counter-Spell (anti-magic spell).

In this article, we will focus on the remaining three types of spells, Jinx, Hex, and Curse. (For those interested in the Transfiguration and Charm spells, you can read What You Don't Know About Harry Potter's Spells)


(The following is ideal for parents to read with their children, and Mr. Longcat will explain the spells using the root word memory method.)


Jinx (witchcraft)


A jinx is a type of Dark Charm, whose effects are irritating but amusing. As a minor type of Dark magic, jinxes have the least severe effects of the three dark charms.

Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells

In order to successfully cast a jinx, the caster must keep eye contact on the target.

---- A Standard Book for Spell

Jinx is a very interesting branch of spellcasting, considered a form of black magic, which can have irritating yet amusing effects.

Successful release of Jinx requires the caster to keep his eyes on the target without the slightest distraction, otherwise he may fail or simply cause Jinx to be released on himself.

Although it is considered black magic, if used correctly it can also protect you from other powerful black magic, so you will learn some of these spells in the Black Magic Defense class.


Broom Jinx



Broom Jinx is a spell that specifically targets broomsticks, and it appears in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, where Harry is first played as a Quidditch chaser when Professor Quirrell puts a spell on him to make Harry fall off.

Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells

The spell was interrupted when Hermione set Professor Snape's robes on fire and the person sitting next to him was frightened and bumped into Professor Quirrell, causing him to lose his gaze on Harry.





This spell may be relatively new to you, it is called the Dancing spell. The dancing spell causes the target to dance uncontrollably and is generally used as a prank spell to embarrass someone in a particular situation.

This spell was not created with the intention of playing pranks, but to save lives.

Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells

Tarantallegra is a spell originally derived from Tarantula, the tarantula.

The tarantula is a highly poisonous spider, and ancient magical researchers discovered that people bitten by tarantulas could sweat to remove the spider's venom from their bodies and reduce the damage caused by toxicity.

Therefore, researchers invented such a spell, so that people bitten by the tarantula forced to dance, so as to achieve the sweating effect.



Levicorpus Jinx (upside-down golden hook)



Levicopus is a spell that appears in Professor Snape's meditation tub as a reminder of his childhood.

Harry's father, James Potter, used this spell to hang the childhood Snape in a tree (here it should be stressed that many details from the novel can prove that James Potter was not a villain as a child, so do not be misled by this scene!) .

Back to the spell, the spell consists of two parts, Levi and Corpus.

Levi comes from the Latin word Levare meaning to lift, to lift up; Corpus refers to the human body, and here we can learn the words corpulent (swollen) and Corpse (corpse), both of which are derivatives of Corpus, in passing.


The Levicorpus spell in the Harry Potter games

Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells

Impedimenta Jinx



Impedimenta is derived from the Latin word impedimentum, which refers to an obstacle. This spell is used to make the caster stumble or have difficulty moving, and is often used in wizard duels.

From the Latin word impedimentum came several of our English words today, Impede and Impediment.

Impede is the verb to impede or hinder, and can be used directly as To impede somebody from doing something; Impediment is the noun to impede, and is often used to refer specifically to a speech impediment, i.e., stuttering.


Slugulus Eructo (eat the slug)



This is one of the spells that really stuck with me, as Ron used it on Malfoy to punish him for bad-mouthing Hermione.

However, because his wand was damaged before, the spell backfired and became unleashed on Ron himself (hint: you must choose a better wand).

When this spell is released, there is a certain chance that it will have a side effect, causing the caster to suffer from sallow complexion (yellowing of the face). Poor Ron, who is both the caster and the cured, is also affected by this side effect.

Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells

In this spell, Slugulus itself means slug, or as we say, slug (kuo yu). Eructo, on the other hand, is the spell we learned last time and refers to firing.

These are the things we covered in this lesson about Jinx, which are actually often used by witches in their daily lives because of their special role.


Hex (Demonology)


A hex is a type of Dark Charm whose effects cause moderate suffering to the victim. As a moderate type of Dark magic, hexes are slightly worse than jinxes but are not as dark as curses.

---- A Standard Book for Spell

Hexes, like Jinxes, are a type of dark magic that affects the wielder slightly worse than Jinxes, but are not fatal. Hex can also be used as a defense.

Since Hex is a creature-specific spell, we will only mention Bat Bogey Hex, which Ginny has used.Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells


Bat Bogey Hex (Nose* to Bat)


*Nose* in this case refers to nasal mucosal secretions, commonly known as boogers


As mentioned in A Standard Book for Spell, Ginny used the Bat Bogey Hex to escape the clutches of the Umbridge team back in 1996.

The Hex, as the name implies, turns someone's nose* into a bat, causing a great deal of discomfort to the person being released, thus achieving the French language effect.




A curse is a type of Dark Charm which is used for the worst kinds of Dark Charm which is primarily defined as any spell that affects the object in a negative manner, typically associated with varying levels of discomfort.

---- A Standard Book for Spell

Curse is one of the most evil classifications of black magic, where the caster feels extremely uncomfortable and even threatened with death. The three unforgivable spells, in particular, have an extremely fearsome reputation in the magical community (you should all be familiar with these three curses, which we will cover later.)Spell table Harry Potter, Harry Potter four spells

Curses are powerful magical spells that are generally not learned in school. These curses and their defenses may be introduced in upper-level black magic defense classes, but students will not be taught how to use them.


Petrificus Totalus (Petrification through and through)




The Petrificus Totalus spell is a spell that petrifies the caster. This spell is classified as a curse because it can have a very powerful effect on a person.

However, because it does not kill, it is often used in wizard duels. (In the picture, Malfoy is unleashing the spell on Harry, who is wearing a cloak of invisibility, so you can't see the effect.)

The word Petrificus is derived from petra, stone, and ficus, to make into, to make into. Totalus is derived from the Latin totus, meaning all, all.

This curse is a curse that can be used by witches in general, but the next one that Mr. Totoro will introduce is the unforgivable curse.


Crucio Curse (Heart Drilling Curse)



"It was pain beyond anything Harry had ever experienced; his very bones were on fire; his head was surely splitting along his scar... he wanted it to end... he wanted it to end... to black out... to die. to die."- Description of the pain one feels while under the Curse

Crucio Curse is one of the three unforgivable spells, which, as the Chinese translation suggests, will give the caster a general headache.

We can see how Harry feels about this spell in the novel - it is a pain that has never been experienced before, as if every bone in the body is roasted by the fire, while the brain is also as if to split in half along the scars, Harry even wants to end his life.

Crucio comes from the Latin word cruciatus, which means to cause someone to suffer and pain. Today's English word excruciate is also derived from this, referring to the torture of someone, to beat someone severely.