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Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple

The marriage charm originated from the ancient time of witch blessing. Buddhism to ask for a sign, Taoism to ask for a fate. The marriage charm is actually one of the early features of Taoism. It originated from the witch blessings in ancient times. The Taoist incantation was more prevalent in the Eastern Han Dynasty and was also closely related to the talisman. When drawing the talisman, the incantation was recited, and when using the talisman, there was also an incantation, and all the spells were made with certain incantations. The incantation becomes the spell caster's sincere intention, the voice from the heart, in order to ensure that all spells work. When praying, the incantations are words of praise to the gods and praying for the wish; when treating diseases, the incantations are words to ask the spell to show the spirit and eliminate all diseases; when practicing, the incantations are mostly words to calm the mind, to clarify the mind and to ask the gods to help. In Taoist incantations, there is usually the phrase "urgent as a law" at the end of each sentence.


Q2: Are there any spells or charms that can promote marriage?
You can use the methods in Buddhism to get a good marriage. You can Baidu search: seeking wife spell, or seeking husband spell, to learn more.

Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells

From the Buddhist point of view, bad marriage, love is not good, it is the result of our past (including past lives) have bad karma, there will be suffering, this is the basic law, so we seek blessings and luck, is the need to establish some work, for example, in life, practice the Buddha's teachings to us: all evil do not do, all good practice.


Our traditional culture also emphasizes that we should accumulate virtue, which is the guarantee of future happiness. Because Buddha and Bodhisattva, God blesses those who have goodness and virtue.


Therefore, in the request for a wife and husband, they all promise the Buddha and Bodhisattva how many good deeds to do, what faults to correct, how many times to recite the Buddha's name, scriptures, and so on, within a certain period of time, and then, ask the Bodhisattva to see on the basis of these good deeds of yours and give you a beautiful marriage.

Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells

The act of reciting Buddhist scriptures is meritorious, and it is also helpful for us to seek blessings and luck for our various wishes.


Finally, to talk about this situation again, there are times when evil people have good luck and good people have many disasters, why is this? This is because karma is connected to three lives, that is, the theory of karma in Buddhism is based on the good and evil of people's past lives, this life, and the next life. The evil person had good deeds in his previous life, and the good fruit is ripe in this life, so it is smooth and smooth, but because he has done evil in this life, he will have evil rewards in the future.


Good people have evil deeds in previous lives, the fruit of evil is ripe at this time, so there are many disasters, but he has good deeds in this life, the future will have a good rewardMarriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells

Q3: How to seek marriage
Nowadays, people always want to get something for nothing, who do not have a dream of committing a crime, always want to find a wife, girlfriend, object that they like and like themselves. Women want to find a rich and handsome, so who has thought, such a marriage, will be happy? Will be happy? Once a person said a famous sentence, I would rather sit in a BMW and cry than sit on a bicycle and laugh, this sentence reflects the true thoughts of many people, now there is a way to let you meet the dream at the same time, but also to find their own happiness that is - seeking marriage.Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells
Attract peach charm for marriage
The peach blossom amulet, which means that men and brothers, women and girlfriends to the local prestigious, popular temples and other places, go there to count a hanging, seeking marriage, to see when they can meet their Prince Charming or Snow White, how to both get the life they want at the same time, but also to be able to get their own happiness. In addition to this method to seek marriage, there is a kind of their own can do to seek marriage method, this simple spell to seek marriage, although simple but effective.
For example, first find a writing brush ink stone, preferably new, and then prepare a cup of salt water, must be water modulation, and a red silk, the color can be based on personal preference, but it is best to choose bright colors, festive.
After all ready, first of all, the salt water into the ink stone, start grinding ink, ink out with a brush will be their names, and birth date, present home address, all written on that red silk.
Wait until the night of the full moon, no matter which month the full moon can be, and do not have to wait until the Mid-Autumn Festival in order to pursue the good
When the moon is full, come to the window and body to the window, hold the red silk with words in your hands, face the moon, and look at the moon, kneel down and plead with the moon god to give you your own positive marriageMarriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells
Remember, you must say the words belonging to your own positive marriage, after begging the red tape tied to the toes, small toes, male left and female right, and do not bring down, within seven days there will be a good and happy marriage to come to the door. When there is a marriage of their own, you must take off the red silk and burn, otherwise, it is invalid and become a laughing stock. The process in between, there can not be a little mistake, otherwise it will be ineffective, and have to start again from scratch.

Q4:The most spiritual love spells of folk
The most spiritual love spells among the folk
To get a wide range of people.
going to work.
meeting friends.
dating.Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells
For socializing
Draw the character "karma" on the palm of your hand three times.
You will be well liked and
Great good feeling.

Q5:A man's birth date and his own birth date with a red rope tied together he will love you for life?
You are talking about the issue of male and female marriage. For the eight-character marriage match does not fit, how to match, what kind of eight-character marriage is not good, what kind of eight-character marriage is good, you can look at the following eight-character marriage principle will know.
Bad marriage of eight characters
1, the eight characters in the day branch sitting wounded woman can not marry.
Where born in the A Wu, B Si, Geng Zi, Xin Hai, the four days of women, the day branch is wounded.
The day branch for the marriage palace, where is the husband in your eight characters "home", the husband home is not a husband, but a restraint husband hurt official.Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells
The general performance of serious, will grasp the husband; performance of a little lighter will be divorced; and a little lighter is the long-term relationship between husband and wife disharmony. This situation, will also lead to the husband's poor health.
2, eight characters in the wounded official, food God more women can not marry.
The wounded official is gram on behalf of the spouse is the official thing, the god of food heavy see transformation into wounded official, so it will evolve to be detrimental to the stability of the marriage.
Women with more than wounded officials and eclipsed gods, in terms of character, they do not like to be controlled, but like to control their husbands, bad temper, emotional instability, easy to cheat, but also easy to trigger an affair with her husband, so the marriage is difficult to last.
3, eight characters in the official kill mixed women can not marry.
In general, the official represents the husband, partial official (also called seven kill) represents the lover, eight characters in both the official and partial official, indicating that their lives have a husband, will also have a lover.Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells
You think, eight characters is like a person's living space, a woman's living space, husband and lover coexist, her marriage and emotional life will be quiet? This means that the woman will have a bad marriage, perhaps divorce and remarriage, perhaps extramarital affairs, depending on the specific combination of circumstances.
4, the eight characters in the marriage palace of a woman can not marry.
We know that the marriage palace is like a couple living together in the wedding house, the punch is like being some kind of force constantly hit, you say so the wedding house will be stable? The marriage palace is rushed, the most prone to marriage. There are six groups of clashing geographic branches: the son, the ugly, the chen, the dou, the chen and the hai. Where the birth month of the ground branch or the birth hour of the ground branch, and the day branch (marriage palace) composed of these six groups of rushing, and no other branch to close (together can solve the rushing), then belong to the marriage palace rushing. If there is a big luck that the ground branch rushes the marriage palace, it is also the time when the marriage is unstable. There are bad combinations of eight characters, the marriage palace with three penalties, since the penalty of the woman, will also be unfavorable marriage.
How can you find your combined eight characters marriage?
1, mutual neutralization
The five elements of the eight-character destiny are in balance with each other. When choosing a spouse, Zhang Xinlong believes that you must take the destiny corresponding to the Great Luck, and then, to determine the state of each other's luck, to see if the Great Luck is balanced with each other.Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells
2、The yen is compatible with each other
Both sides of the eight characters and each other, the fate and no serious penalties, and the two sides of the yen together, after marriage, the couple is one heart, to grow old. Such as; male yen geng gold, female yen b wood, etc.
3, the conjugal palace conjunctions
The couple's palace is in harmony with each other, and the couple has a good relationship and a happy family. The couple's palace is the day branch, the couple's day branch together, and into the happy God is also.
The above discussion is only a simple law, the actual operation also need to consider the degree of the fate of the gram should be, the pattern of the true or false, the trend of the great fortune, etc.. Only a comprehensive consideration, in order to avoid future marital misfortune.
4, five complementary elementsMarriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells

First of all, we need to know what kind of destiny we are looking for to balance each other, because there are likes and dislikes in the destiny, as if everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, the couple to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, yin and yang coordinated development, so that everything can be through the Thai. For example, the man's five elements of fire and lack of water, the woman's five elements of water and lack of fire, the combination of their fortune composition of water and fire, after the couple, love and happiness, children and family.
5、Turning enemies into friends
Every destiny has a mutual confrontation, as if two armies, fighting with each other, such a destiny is generally difficult, the ups and downs, if you find a person who can resolve the war of destiny as a spouse, then, after the marriage will be smooth sailing, the couple's love and affection, the family economic situation is bound to be good. For example: one side of the fate of too heavy than the robbery, the other side of the food and injury star is strong, after marriage, the husband sings with the woman or the woman sings with the husband, the small life is very prosperous. Another example is that if one of the two is heavy on the official killing breath and the other is strong on the Yin-Shou star, the couple will work well together after the marriage, with good integration of resources and fast development of work and career, and most importantly, a rich life and high social status of the family.Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells

What kind of eight characters are the happiest
1, two people's eight characters together more, the two marriage is easy to harmonious and happy.
For example, a person was born in the year B Chou, A Shen month, Nonchen day, C Wu time, then and the birth year, month, day and time corresponding to the corresponding compatible heavenly stems and earthly branches for the year Gengzi, Hexi month, Ding You day, Xin Wei time, in the corresponding together, the more together, representing the better the feelings of the two people, the two people are easy to who can not leave who, mutual attachment, marriage harmony and happiness.
2, two people of the same eight characters for a certain aspect of prosperity, will have a common ideal, the two married will be harmonious and happy.
If both sides of the two people are prosperous, or career star is prosperous, or India, etc., the two people are prone to have common goals and ideals in a certain area, the husband and wife work together for the money or for the cause, or both people like to study a certain study, have the same interest, the two people in a piece of life, it is more harmonious and happy.
3, a strong and a weak eight characters with marriage is easy to harmonious and happy.
If both husband and wife are particularly strong, they do not give way to each other, and certainly two contradictions and quarrels, if one of the eight characters strong, one of the eight characters weak, that is, one person just, one soft, one main outside, one main inside, husband and wife to complement each other's strengths, both sides like each other's strengths, so it is easy to run the family well, in order to be happy in marriage.
4, the eight characters of the two people are compatible, the marriage will be harmonious and happy.

Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells

In the eight characters, the pattern of the two people are relatively similar, for example: both belong to the Indian prosperity; or synchronization of fortune; or two people belong to the same body weak or body strong; or two people of the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth are balanced type, or radical type, etc., the pattern is similar, they often have the same view of something, have a common hobby, talk is easy to kindred spirits, the two sides are often the same idea, so after marriage, two people feel very harmonious and happy.
5, the eight characters of two people complement each other, the marriage will be harmonious and happy.
Men and women with marriage, no matter how you look at it, two people eight elements if each other for the God of happiness, the male eight elements wood fire, and the female side of the wood fire weak, forming a complementary relationship, through complementarity so that the two eight elements to achieve a balance, so the two people will get along more harmonious, more happy, and will bring good luck to each other.
6, and love people in the most conducive to their own marriage time to get married will be harmonious and happy.

Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells
The so-called conducive to their own marriage time, generally refers to men and women when they meet the Peach Blossom Star, the fate of the Bureau met when, or men go wealthy, women go official luck, etc., are conducive to their own marriage time, time to go right, will step right, the two in the future marriage will be easy to smooth, will be more harmonious and happy, so choose the time to get married with the person you love, try to choose the two sides suitable for marriage within the period.
The day column characteristics of the eight characters marriage is not smooth
1, the fate of the husband and wife star for men and women, marriage wasted
The man's life with the star of wealth as wife, if the fate of the star of wealth and jealousy, or the fate of the star of wealth is missing, or the star of wealth prisoner no gas, than robbery, are signs of a bad marriage. The female fate of the official kill husband star, if the fate of the official kill husband star in the bureau and forbidden, or the fate of the official kill husband star is missing, or official kill husband star prisoner no gas, than robbery is also a sign of a bad marriage. The male life four columns without money or pure yang and pure yin, the ancients called the monk life; female life four columns without official killing or pure yin and pure yang is also known as a monk life.Marriage binding spells, the most spiritual folk marriage spells

2, the husband and wife palace by the six punch or phase, the marriage is unstable
The eight characters under the seat of the yen for the couple's palace, the couple's palace for the pivot of the marriage, the couple's palace is six rushes or phase, it is difficult to harmonize the marriage. Husband and wife palace avoid being the natal branch, the major transport branch, the year of the year six rushing, especially the day and month branch or the day and time branch adjacent column rushing as the most taboo, couples are inevitably separated from each other. Couple Palace avoid encounter Yin Si Shen three penalties, ugly unsuccessful Xu three penalties, son Mao phase penalties, men and women meet on the penalty, most marriages are not hidden, the chance of divorce is greater.
3, the female fate of the day stem injury official marriage is not smooth
The day of birth of the stem can not be careless, women if the day stem is born hurt official, marriage is also difficult to smooth. Day stem injury official stem branches are A Wu, B Si, Gengzi, Xinhai. According to the author's experience, the Yang day stem of women, the day branch sitting eclipse God, also when the wounded official theory, such as C Chen, C Xu, W Shen, non Yin.
Of course, there are no absolutes in the world, and the same is true for learning. The causes of bad marriage are very many, but also with the times, personality, environment and other factors, to more correctly predict the marriage situation, must be based on my eight characters for a comprehensive analysis.
4, born in the wrong day and the fate of people who commit luan, marriage is not smooth
Both men and women, where the day column for: c son, c Wu, d ugly, d un, w yin, w shen, xin mao, xin you, non chen, non xu, cap si, cap hai is the yin and yang wrong day. The ancient book of destiny: "Yin and Yang wrong day, the woman met with the public aunt oligarchy, sisters-in-law is not enough, the husband's family cold retreat. The man met with it, the main retreat of the wife's family, and also with the wife's family is right and wrong. The brakes, regardless of gender, the month, day and time two or three offenders of the very heavy, the day of the offenders of the main not outside the family force, even if there is a wife and wealth also become a false flower, after a long time still with the wife's family for the enemy, do not deal with each other". The yin and yang error refers to men and women have violated the way of yang and yin and soft and marriage is not smooth, the sign of the aura of the opposite. The birth of the day of the meet, the light husband and wife discord, the heavy divorce.
Where the day column or time column appears B has, Ding has, Xinhai, Wushen, A Yin, W Wu, Nonzi, C Wu any group of heavenly stems and earthly branches, that is, the fate of the offender Luan brake. Luan into the life, the main male and female marriage is not a good thing. The lone luan song says: "wood and fire with the snake is very unpredictable, the gold pig why strong and wild, earth, monkey, wood and tiger husband where, when the lone luan dance a". The lone luan kill also cloud: "wood tiger widow no son-in-law, the gold pig does not have a man, red and yellow horse lying alone, the black rat guarding the empty room". In fact, the lone luan is sitting on the food injury or sheep blade, because the female life of the god of food is too strong, also has similar characteristics to the injury official, can grasp the husband star official; male life of the sheep blade is too strong, there are signs of harm to the wife, this is a sign of a bad marriage.
5, the day column with the edge of the injury to grasp the spouse
Female stem for the marriage palace absolute transmission, male birth day stem branch for C Wu, Nonzi, female birth day stem branch for Ding Si, Dec Hai people on the most unhappy marriage. If the day branch of the word is the five elements of their destiny, the lighter the divorce, the heavier the spouse will lead to disability, death. Especially men born on the day of the stem branch for the C Wu, Nonzi, not only the day branch with Yang blade, but also sitting robbery, marriage is more unhappy.
There are also wu wu, hexi, is also the day branch sitting yang blade, however, the yang blade for its middle gas, influence is slightly weaker. However, people with these two day pillars also have disabled spouses. Women born with the day branch of C Wu and Non Zi