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All the spells in Harry Potter, the

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple

Household magic spells:
Spell 1: Passepartout - Household Spell English Name: Anapneo
Accidentally choked? Or driving in a big traffic jam? The wise wizard better use the spell to eliminate your troubles at once, and parents with children at home need to learn this spell, always at home to keep safe which.
Spell 2: Crazy Growth Spell - Home Spell English Name: Engorgement Charm
Hagrid had used on his pumpkin seedlings, a sudden growth within seconds, for farmers' families.
Spell 3: Waterproof and moisture-proof-Household Spell English Name: Impervious
Hermione often used on Harry's glasses, can effectively prevent glasses from fogging, interested comrades can be used in the shower on the mirror ...All the spells in Harry Potter, the

Spell 4: Flying spell - household magic spell English name: Accio
The most classic is Harry in the "Goblet of Fire" to summon the fire crossbow arrow scene.
Spell 5: Fluorescent spell - household magic spell English name: Lumos (fluorescent flashing)
Harry in the "Sorcerer's Stone" commonly used in the basic magic spell, which allows the wand to emit a fluorescent green light illumination.
Spell 6: Flooding spell - household magic spell English name: Sonorus (sound flooding)
Make the sound of one's throat increase several times, mostly used in sports games and other occasions.
Spell 7: Divide spell - household magic spell English name: Diffindo (splitting in four)
The magic spell that makes things split in half, interested comrades can try it as shears...
Spell 8: Alohomora spell - household spell English name: Alohomora
Arrived at home and forgot to bring the key? Or important things in the cabinet can not be opened? Or to open something encrypted and locked? If you are a wise wizard, you will use the Alohom

ora spell, but the action is a little more troublesome...

All the spells in Harry Potter, the
Spell 9: Extinguish Spell - Household Magic Spell English Name: Nox
Home on fire? Fireplace can not be extinguished? Use the extinguishing spell, if the fire department, usually dozens of people to the source of the fire with the extinguishing spell, to ensure effective...
The Standard Wizard Spell Level 2
Mischief magic spell:
Spell 1: upside down golden bell (silent) - prank spell English name: Levicorpus
I think back in the day, James Potter used once on Snape, the scene we all remember, right? It works like an invisible hand grabbing your ankle and hanging you in mid-air. Some wizards have used this to discipline children, but the side effect is brain congestion...
Spell 2: Close Your Ears and Listen - Mischief Spell English Name: (?)
Got a secret to tell your nemesis? Want to confess to the girl or boy you love? If so, use this "Half-Blood Prince" era spell to make people's ears buzz, guaranteed to work!
Spell 3: Tarantella - Mischief Spell English Name: Tarantallegra
The recipient's feet involuntarily dance Tarantallegra, funny as hell...
Spell 4: Living Dot Map - "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" - Mischief Spell English Name: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
I think we all know the map of the living point, right? It is the James Potter period, by the spike fork, worm tail, big foot, moon face together with the production of prank props, just now is the opening of its magic spell, after using to say: "the end of the prank" to close the living point map.
Spell 5:Lock Leg Spell - Binding Spell English Name: Locomotor Morts
If you meet your enemy halfway, you can try it: crouch in the corner and put a leg lock spell, you will see your enemy's legs together, looking at the ground in fear, people straight to the ground...
Spell 6: Oolong Out - Mischief Spell English Name: Serpensortia
Remember the fight between Malfoy and Harry? Malfoy used the Oolong move, the foolish snake almost hurt people, which can play a strong role in fanning the flames...

All the spells in Harry Potter, the
Spell 7: Left and Right Separation - Mischief Spell English Name: Dissendium
You can use it on your enemy's pants, you may be able to rip a big hole... Excellent effect ...
Spell 8: incisor race stick - prank spell English name: Densaugeo
Remember Hermione's Hase teeth? All thanks to this spell ...
Defensive magic:
Spell 1: Petrificus Totalus - Binding spell English name: Petrificus Totalus
It makes the whole body immobile, like a stone...
Spell 2: Disarm Spell - Defense Spell English name: Expelliarmus (except your weapon)
Makes the opponent's weapon (e.g. wand, short sword, etc.) fly up into the air... Causes one to lose one's weapon.
Spell 3: Confinement spell - Binding spell English name: Colloportus
The Order of the Phoenix", Harry's gang to seal the door of the Department of Mysteries used to deal with simple-minded enemies is also very effective, the enemy will be like a jump rope tied generally can not move.
Spell 4: Spell Stop - Unspell English Name: Finite Incantatem
If your party is your enemy cast a bad spell (such as the total petrification, etc.), you can try it, if effective your party will become alive again, but not enough mana this is difficult to say ... Maybe they will also be tricked ...
Spell 5: Manifestation spell-unspell English name: Aparecium
Your want to peek at other people's secret diary? To see if the gifts sent at Christmas have not cast a bad spell? If you reach a certain level of magic power, you can try the manifestation spell, which can help you break the hidden spell.All the spells in Harry Potter, the

Spell 6: Slip Slip Slip - Unravel Spell English Name: Riddikulus
The spell used against Bogart, first of all, you want to turn Bogart into the appearance of their own laugh, with the funny funny spell, as long as the laughter is loud enough, Bogart will not be able to stand ...
Spell 7: Resuscitation spell-unspell English Name: Enervate
Your friend has been hit by the coma spell? Use the Resuscitate spell, it usually works...
Spell 8: Barrier spell - Defense spell English name: Impedimenta
An invisible barrier will be created in front of the caster to block the enemy, usually lasting a few minutes...
Spell 9:Iron Armor Spell - Defense Spell English name:Protego
A spell used to reduce the power and degree of enemy spell attacks, and is one of the very common black magic defense spells.
Wizard Spell Extraordinaire
Transformation spell:
Spell 1: Animagus - Transformation Magic (mostly used by Auro) English name: Animagi
This is a very difficult spell to learn, and the Ministry of Magic has records of those who have succeeded in practicing this magic. Animagus can not determine by themselves the animal they want to become, this according to the practitioner's character, character decision.
Spell 2: Phantom body spell - Aoruo with magic spell English name: Disillusionment Charm
The Order of the Phoenix" when Moody escort Harry had used, the recipient wants to be filled with cold goo, and then can be like a chameleon to achieve the same color with the background, the role and invisibility cloak similar ...
Advanced magic:
Spell 1: a forgetfulness is empty - Aoruo with the spell English name: Obliviate
Remember the "Chamber of Secrets" in the Lohat's masterpiece? The spell that eventually caused his own amnesia - Obliviate is a spell that the Ministry of Magic specializes in dealing with unexpected events... What do you think about the spell that makes Lockhart forget his "great" deeds?
Spell 2: Disapparation - Magic of Instant Movement English Name: Disapparation

All the spells in Harry Potter, the
This is an advanced spell that a wizard can learn in the upper grades of a magic school, and it allows the wizard to get to where he is going instantly. When you use it, your body will be squeezed and twisted by a powerful force. First, concentrate on the place you want to go, then rotate your body quickly.
Spell 3: Guardian spell - Aura with magic spell English name: Expecto Patronum (call God guard)
Summon a transparent and shiny patron god to fight against dementors. It is not easy to summon a truly mature patron god, as it requires concentration of the mind to think of happy things. The daemon also has an appearance determined by the character of the owner, just like Animagus.
Spell 4: Memory Charm - Magic Spell for Aura English Name: Memory Charm
A magic spell used by the Ministry of Magic to tamper with memories, used in conjunction with the Oblivion spell.
Black magic:
Spell 1: Unforgivable spell - Black magic English name: Unforgivable Curses
Unforgivable Curses there are 3 kinds: Soul Snatcher Spell, Heart Drilling Spell, and Soldier Spell, "Goblet of Fire" in the false Moody lecture had disguised. Whoever uses the Unforgivable Curses on people will end up in Azkaban... (But Voldemort and Death Eaters seem to ...)
Spell 2: Soul Snatcher spell - black magic English name: Imperio (soul out of warp)
The recipient of the spell will be controlled by others, weak will will be controlled, only strong-willed people can break.
Spell 3: Heart-drilling spell - black magic English name: Crucio (heart-drilling spell)

All the spells in Harry Potter, the
Creepy black magic, the recipient will be convulsed, spasms, severe pain, painful.
Spell 4: Sorcery spell - Black magic English name: Avada Kedavra (Avada Sorcery)
Only powerful black wizards can use the most powerful and evil black magic, there is no way to break the spell ... (Harry was lucky enough to escape once) A green light flashes and the person who is hit is immediately killed...
Spell 5: Black Magic Mark - Black Magic English Name: Morsmordre
A Death Eater who breaks into a building or kills one will fire a black magic marker in the sky. The black magic marker is a picture of a snake spitting snake apricots out of a skull.
In reply to: HP Super Fans - Assistant Level 2 12-8 16:20
-- Harry Potter all spells
1. Wingardium Leviosa floating spell Wingardium Leviosa
2. Alohomora Alohomora spell to open the door
3. leg stand stiff stop dead lock leg spell Locomotor Mortis
4. Petrificus Totalus
1. Oolong out of the hole Serpensortia
2. Obliviate Obliviate
3. Obliviate (this one reminds me of a laxative?!) Finite Incantatem
4. Aparecium
5. Rictusempra
6. Tarantallegra Tarantallegra
7. speak to me, Slytherin, the greatest of the Big Four
speak to me, Slytherin,greatest of the Hogwarts Four
1. except you weapons disarm spell Expelliarmus
2. comical comical Riddikulus
3. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
4. Mischief managed
5. Impervius against rain and wet
6. Enervate quickly to recover
7. Expecto patronus spell
8. Waddiwasi launch spell Waddiwasi
1. Disappear without a trace Deletrius
2. Quickly become bigger Engorgio
3. Quickly shrink Reducio
4. Fluorescent flash Lumos
5. Show me the way, show me the way spell Poine me
6. Avada Kedavra
7. Soul out of body spell Imperio
8. Impedimenta
9. Stupefy
10. Densaugeo with a big stick in the teeth
11. Fire roasted hot Furnunculus
12. Dictionary flying Accio Dictionary
13. Accio Firebolt
14. Accio Firebolt
15. Crucio
16. Orchid in bloom Orchideous
17. Flock of birds Avis
18. The spell of crushing bones Reducto
19. The bones of the father, unintentionally donated, can make your son regenerate
Bone of feather, unknouingly given, you will renew your son
20. The flesh of the servant, voluntarily given, you will renew your master

All the spells in Harry Potter, the
21. Blood oh the enemy, forcibly given you will revive your master
Blood oh the enemy,forcibly taken you will ressuttrct your foe
22. Trophies fly Accio
23. Sonorus
24. Whisper Quietus
25. Morsmordre
26. Flashback Prior Incantato
27. Flame Incendio
28. Riksong Jinshi Relashio
29. Repair as before Reparo
30. Splitting up Diffindo
1. Clean up a new Scourgify
2. Box moving Locomotor trunk
3. Frog flying Accio frog
4. Silencio without a sound
5. Test papers flying Accio
6. Wand flying Stupefy
7. Quickly confined Colloportus
8. Brain fly Accio brain
9. Armor Protego
10. Prophecy ball flying Accio Prophecy
11. Legilimens
12. Mentos Portus
13.Pack up Pack
HP all spells
Part 1:
1. Wingardium Leviosa Floating spell Wingardium Leviosa
2. Alohomora Alohomora spell to open the door
3. leg stand stiff stop dead lock leg spell Locomotor Mortis
4. Petrificus Totalus petrification spell
Second part:
1. Oolong out of the hole Serpensortia
2. Obliviate Obliviate
3. Obliviate (this one reminds me of a laxative?!) Finite Incantatem
4. Aparecium
5. Rictusempra
6. Tarantallegra Tarantallegra
7. speak to me, Slytherin, the greatest of the Big Four
speak to me