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The Magic Ritual of Autumnal Equinox

Jan 13,2023 | lovespelltemple

The coming of winter,

the first stirrings of spring,

the warm summer,

and the arrival of autumn.

All contain an abundance of energy and

It is an excellent time to perform rituals.

We share with you the magic rituals of the seasons.

The Magic Ritual of Autumnal Equinox

Between September 22nd and September 24th

Decorate the altar with acorns, acorn branches, cones of pine and cypress, ears of corn, wheat stalks, and other fruits and nuts. Also, place a woven basket with dried leaves of various colors.

The altar is set up, candles and incense are lit, stone rolls are placed, and chants are invoked to invoke the goddess and male deities. Standing in front of the altar, raise the basket with the leaves and slowly scatter the leaves and let them fall. Drop them in the magic circle. Recite words like the following:

The leaves are falling, and the weather is turning cool.

The goddess puts on her earthly cloak.

And at this time, you, the great sun god.

Sail to the west.

To the realm of infinite enchantment surrounded by the fantastic night.

The fruits ripen, and the seeds fall.

The hours of day and night are balanced.

The cold winds from the north lament.

Out of this seemingly broken appearance of natural forces

O holy Goddess, I know that life will continue.

For there is no spring without a second harvest,

Just as without death, there would be no life.

Bless you, O fallen man-god.

You are now striding into the realm of winter.

Into the goddess's arms of love

Put down the basket and say:

O merciful goddess of all abundance.

I have sown the seeds of my deeds and have reaped them for good or evil.

Give me the courage to cultivate the seeds of joy and love in the coming year and to banish misfortune and hatred.

Teach me the wisdom

The secrets of survival on this planet.

O Lightbearer of the Night!

Magic can be cast afterward, and then a thin feast can be held to celebrate and lift the magic circle.

The Magic Ritual of Autumnal Equinox

About the Autumnal Equinox

There is a tradition of going out into the wild and woods to collect seed pods and dried plants, some of which can be used as home decorations and others for later use in herbal magic.

The food of the autumn equinox includes the various harvests of the second harvest, so shells, fruits, and vegetables make up the bulk of the crop, especially corn. Cornbread is the traditional food, in addition to beans and roasted pumpkins.