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What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah?

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple


The legends about voodoo dolls are very superstitious, and their rituals are widely debated. Most of the rituals are related to revenge, harm, and hatred, but there are also spells related to love, success, luck, health, protection, and the expulsion of evil spirits. The use of voodoo dolls used to be a well-kept secret known only to a few magicians, but in recent years many books have been published that unveil the mystery of these dolls and how to use them for magical purposes. Whatever the material of the doll - paper, wax, cloth, straw - the effect is the same. Various colors of dolls can also serve different purposes for people who believe in the power of colors, such as red for love, black for hatred, green for money, yellow for protection or to expel danger and evil, pink to bring friends, or to gain power to achieve a special purpose, etc. (Addendum: Another way to say it is black for curses, green for money, luck, gambling, pink for love and sex, red for success, charm, happiness, pink for sex. Red is used for success, charm and happiness, white is used for health and healing, and yellow is used to expel evil and friendship.) The dolls are usually symbols, which the magician infuses with the power of will in the spell, bringing the power of repulsion to its intention. When the caster buys a doll, he adds some items related to the object of the spell to increase its magical properties.What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah? 

For example, paste the other person's photo, with the other person's clothing cloth wrapped dolls, or in the cloth dolls cut seams into the other person's hair or nails, and so on. Generally speaking, the spell caster has to tightly wrap the doll with red rope, while repeating the incantation, and then pierce the doll (the liver part) with a needle or nail. The spell is then completed. The spell to attract money or the like is as follows: Come, gold, come, silver Bring me hot or cold coins, I need money, I need it now Let it come quickly, don't ask me how to get it The spell to attract love is as follows: I see love, I wish for love I hold love in my right hand, I hold love in my left hand I come across the sea and across the earth I hold love in my left hand The spell to curse the enemy: (name of person), (name of person) I wish you to fall into the smoking stew, I wish the black snake to bite you I wish the black snake to bite your heels, and the wasp to sting you on your knees, and the bedbugs to feed you at night, all is wrong, and nothing is right, the spell of protection, centuries old: Keep me safe all night, when the lightning rolls and the thunder thunders, calm me, bless me with courage, when the lightning rolls and the thunder thunders, the light of vespers reassures me, when I feel the power of darkness over me: Go away, evil, go away with you, and pollute my house no more. Come, Christ (add: for those who do not believe in Christianity, substitute something else), we welcome you. Come in quickly and close the door. However, a serious warlock can make up his own incantations. You must concentrate when

using a mannequin; suggestion is a powerful force that can enable you to successfully achieve your goal. When you try to cast a spell on someone, the person caught in the spell should know that the compulsive magical force is directed at him. When you start casting a spell with a mannequin, you should label it with a name and never take off the label or change the name on it. If the object or purpose of your spell changes, you must use a new mannequin. If you are going to use more than one figure, you must be sure that each figure has its name written on it before the spell begins. The ritual is to be repeated daily for nine days, or until your purpose has been achieved. Money, love, and protective magic should be performed when the moon turns from loss to gain (the first half of the lunar calendar); black magic for harm or revenge should be performed when the moon turns from gain to loss (the second half of the lunar calendar). Voodoo Doll Meaning: Angel Demon Series Fallen Angel (BAD DEVIL): Repaying a grudge with a virtue is an outdated concept, returning an eye for an eye is the normal way the world works. Want to heavily punish people who find you trouble, we recommend you this fallen angel, so that you can spit out the grievances of the heart. Demon baby (DEMON): to deal with people who find you trouble, but if you are kind-hearted, compassionate, do not want the other party to suffer too much, then give the demon baby, a small lesson to the guy who does not know what to do. Both to relieve the hatred of the heart, and no harm. Demon (DEVIL): red and black two demons, with "two-sided" power, black demon can make black magic, against your enemies, red demon can make him see a bloodbath, looking for your trouble guys have to be careful. (Color: red, black) Voodoo doll Ultimate Devil (THE DEVIL): red and black demon upgrade, black magic can make black magic, deal with your

enemies, red magic can make him see the blood of the guys looking for your trouble can be careful, with wings after the magic stronger and more handsome. Against the enemy of the necessary good. (Color: red, black) Guardian Angel (LITTLE ANGEL): self-perception of bad life how to do it? Do not lose heart, the angel doll is responsible for guarding your good luck, let the angel accompany you, I believe you can definitely smooth sailing, good luck will definitely find you oh. (Color: pink, orange, blue, bright blue) Voodoo curse system insert heart man (ZOMBIE): super popular voodoo doll "insert heart man" for the unlucky recently often suffer from villains carefully designed to attack the villain's fatal vitals, seal the mouth, pinch his heart, so that the little people around you can no longer move and can not turn over. (Color: white, black, green, linen) Ultimate Mummy: the boss of the mummy clan, the strongest curse magic, specializing in dealing with bad teachers, evil bosses, bad leaders, recommended to the accumulated grievances have been deep, and can not help you! The ultimate demon: red and black, black demon of the upgrade, with wings more capable,What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah? stronger and more handsome! Let all kinds of villains can not be in evil!

Dark Boy: He will exert the power of darkness, so that the people you hate live in the fear of darkness all day long and can not extricate themselves! Demon baby: to deal with people who find you trouble, but if you are kind-hearted, compassionate, do not want the other side to suffer too much, then give the demon baby, a small lesson in that insensitive guy. Guardian system Safety Boy (SAFETY BOY): recently often fallen? Always bitten by dogs? Small illness can not get well? Hand bandages, feet hanging casts live like the gods of bad security boy for you to absorb the disease disaster and danger that befalls you, on your behalf of the pain you will face. Want to keep safe? Want to ask for health? Want to find someone to block bullets? Then it is the "safe boy" is the best! (Colors: pink, yellow, red, blue, black) Voodoo doll Thai Boxing Boy (THAI BOXING): Fight against the guy who is against you. Recommended for you who are at a low ebb facing challenges. Under the superb guardianship of the Muay Thai baby, fear nothing and get stronger the more you fight. (Colors: red, blue) Kesha female warrior (SAGAI): daughter when self-improvement! Amazon's Kesha female warriors will accompany you, so that the soft and weak you bravely go forward. Kesha baby (SAGAI BABY):The female warrior who guards her home. Design concept from the matriarchal society of female warriors.What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah? 

Has the sorcery of guarding the home. Captain Hook (HOOK): inherited the spirit of pirates in the ocean adventure, flying in the sky, walking on the ground, the need to cross the ocean, Captain Hook can take care of, guarding all the hard-working friends out there. Little pirate (LITTLE PIRATE): guarding all the flying in the sky, walking on the ground, the need to cross the sea, out of the hard work of studying and fighting for friends. (Color: white, linen, coffee). Pumpkin man (PUMPKIN): Halloween boss pumpkin magic king JACK, specializing in guarding your family and close friends. Little Prince (LITTLE PRINCE): from the world of fairy tales, gentle and kind little prince. Can take care of you, support you, guard your family, accompany your beloved, and spend every lonely and happy day with you. (Color: pink, orange, red, green, blue, black, purple) SPIDER BOY (SPIDER BOY): have hate jealousy hate object? Spiderman will apply super sticky power, laying down a heavenly web, controlling the whole situation, trapping your enemy, so that he can not open. Pumpkin baby (BABY PUMPKIN): Guard the cute little children, let them grow up happily. RONIN: A wild and unrestrained Japanese ronin who likes to travel around the world. Unrestrained and naturally loves to make friends. Put it on the body, friends are back to take you as a good brother, and you liver and guts. Batman (BAT BOY): to often walk at night, very afraid of ghosts, you recommend this night guardian, so you are no longer afraid to take a taxi in the middle of the night, and then late from work are not afraid. Japanese samurai (SAMURAI): specializing in dealing with bad guys who want to harm their masters. Loyalty, he will become your personal guard, to take out those who want to hurt you. Harry Potter (LITTLE WIZARD): there are many dreams in life, can be realized but very little, the little wizard can make your dreams come true, so that your career course a flight of fancy.What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah?


LITTLE CUPID: No matter how hard you try, your relationship will still end up in failure. "Love Angel Cupid" hopes to help good men and women to find Mr. Right (Miss Right), wishing you good karma early, find the real peach blossom. (Colors: pink, orange, blue, bright blue) SPIRIT OF LOVE: Obviously you both speak Mandarin, why is it always difficult to communicate?What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah?

Want to express your feelings properly and stop this boring and painful "guessing game"? Recommended "SPIRIT OF LOVE" voodoo dolls to help you communicate smoothly, help you convey your love, and build a bridge of love for you two again. (Colors: red, green, blue, linen, bright blue) Voodoo doll Lovers' Tale (I + U = WE): self-confessed often forgotten by the moon, the opposite sex is not enough, Valentine's Day is always single, you recommend "I + U = WE Lovers' Tale" voodoo doll, this doll to the popularity of the main, you want to recruit peach blossoms, seeking a great help, to meet. Don't spend Valentine's Day alone! (Color: white, pink, red, green, blue, purple, bright blue) hot love doll (IN LOVE): for you to heat up the love has lost the spark, always enjoy the fatal attraction of hot love feeling. Heart thief (HEART ROBBER): born with a bitter face, parents do not hurt the supervisor does not love! It is said that when interviewing, the first look has decided everything to win or lose, but unfortunately your looks are your Achilles' heel, walking down the road inexplicably flattened, the teacher in class well named that you stare at him, has not been able to stand repeatedly interview failure? Recommend your cute "heart thief", this doll people love, charming, with its company, can also invariably increase your self-confidence, smile become more beautiful, strengthen the first impression of the interview, so you steal the heart of the supervisor, win the boss's appreciation. Want to let the first sight of his (her) also on you to produce "electric" feeling? May wish to consider having this voodoo doll. Beloved him (her) changed his mind? You can also ask the heart thief to steal back his (her) heart! (Color: pink, orange, red, green, blue, black, purple, bright blue) Love poisoning (VOODOLL DOLL): long-lasting love, never separate, caused by the "love poisoning" voodoo.What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah? 

Let you and your beloved entangled together, incredible mysterious power, so that you two love stick to your satisfaction. (Color: red, black, linen, coffee) healing voodoo doll ninja Momotaro (NINJA): do not know how to control their emotions, is now increasingly popular, but such people often hurt the dearest people around, so buy a ninja doll, give bad-tempered self, or beloved, to learn the power of the ninja, he will guard and natural sense of your irritable character, while enhancing your perseverance and stamina. ~It can also be used by strawberry people who have low stamina and low stress resistance. (Colors: white, black) JUNGLE BOY: The office is scarier than the Amazon forest? Newcomers to society! Don't know how to use the fax machine? Photocopier do not know where it is? Can't understand what the boss says? You can't accept the company system? No one wants to teach you? No one wants to talk to you? For the office maladjustment, social newcomers, you need a "leaf forest boy" doll, leaf forest boy design concept from the wild forest, since childhood growing up in the dangerous and challenging natural world, leaf forest boy cultivated an incomparable courage and determination, will not be defeated by any setback, insist on survival of the strong will, can Infect you in the workplace, the stronger the battle. Crybaby (CLUMSY GIRL): Life is always a lot of bad, sometimes crying is a good way to vent, have you had enough of this weak self?What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah?

Crybaby will grab your inner crybaby self, accompany you, let you take courage, out of the hurt, completely strong, forget all the unpleasant past, to meet tomorrow. (Colors: pink, orange, red, green, blue, purple, linen, bright blue) Brother Goku (KING OF MONKEY): for people who live on creativity, no inspiration is not an excuse, inspiration needs to be discovered by themselves. Brother Goku's 72 changes can make you endlessly creative every day. Suitable for advertising art design and other creative workers. Flying Pig (P JUNG): Recently upset and irritable, all things are not well? Flying pig to accompany you, learn the piggy eat and sleep a good healthy attitude to life, so you always have a good mood.What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah?

(Color: white, pink, black) Swim ring pig (PIGGY): the generation of superstars in the slimming world. Powerful guardian is suffering for dieting you. Is bulimia, the savior of bulimia mania. Let you lose weight without forgetting to be happy, always in a good mood. SUPER BOY: "The earth is dangerous and we can't find our way back" are the words of Stephen Chow. The number of patients suffering from depression voodoo dolls is increasing, the Superman team is responsible for rescuing emotions, recommended to the poor earthlings who are unemployed, lost love, and dropped out of school, so that you can regain confidence. Frankenstein (MR. FRANKEN): Work super brain power? Always love to get into the thick of things? Recommend you very ugly but very gentle Frankenstein.What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah? 

The design of this doll features lock troubles and worries, while stimulating brain power to remind you to think calmly, so you can stay awake in the hot summer and throw away the trouble. (Colors: white, green, black, linen) Hanging man (SAD BOY): "Hanging man" concept comes from the Tarot cards in the upside down man. The meaning of the upside down man in the tarot card represents sacrifice, waiting, change of perspective, retreat for progress. So the hanging man's hanging sacrifice allows you to turn from black to red from the bottom and reminds you to recognize the difficulties you are facing and find a way out to move forward by retreating. (Color: pink, orange, red, green, purple, linen) Judo boy (JU! DO): in the face of other people's demands, even if it is unreasonable, you do not mean to say "NO"? For those who do not know how to refuse others of the good guys, we recommend you "Judo Kid", specializing in softness, four two pounds, easy to refuse to borrow money, do not want to pay. Red ghost (ONI BOY): holding a wolf tooth stick, the Japanese four ghosts represent the power of the red ghost as the shape of the "ONI BOY", in the four ghosts represent the meaning of power, want to make yourself more POWER?What is the spell of the voodoo doll ah? 

Want to make yourself more courageous? Choose ONI BOY. AKA ONI (Japanese Ghost): One of the four ghosts, which means power. HIGHWAY BOY: Always half a beat behind? Not quick enough to think? Friends always dislike you for being slow? Rapid action highway boy specializes in accelerating your movement, head acceleration. Let your popularity index straight