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What are the most spiritual small spells and incantations to win back love Love salvation

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple


What are the most spiritual small spells and incantations to win back love

A small spell to win back love is an effective act for a specific love crisis, the main purpose of which is to bring relief to the injured party and prompt a reunion. It can be a small red paper spell, a silent incantation, or a charm making to bring the other party closer to the old lover and help them change their attitude back to the old love state and save the relationship towards separation.

I. Small red paper spellWhat are the most spiritual small spells and incantations to win back love Love salvation


Find a piece of red paper, write the name of the person you want to save on the back, and write "I love you in my heart", "Be brave for love", "Use your heart to realize the dream of love" repeatedly on the front. ", and then burn it at noon when the sun is strongest.

1. "I love you in my heart":

This is a simple but powerful expression that those who have had their hearts broken can still feel your love. It can make the other person deeply aware of how much they are loved, thus helping them to appreciate love and find emotional attachment again.

2. "Be brave for love":

Love is a journey, although seemingly flat, but full of uncertainty and challenges, let your significant other know how much you take on this obligation, how brave you are, not only to make up for the wounds of love, but also to go forward on that bumpy road, bravely overcome obstacles and win the answer to love freedom.

3. "With sincerity, to realize the dream of love":

The relationship of love is invisible, but it links the hearts of both sides together, with the help of this refined phrase, so that each other to fully appreciate, with sincerity and touch, to achieve their original only exist in the dream of love, to help put the lost love rejuvenated.

Qianqian teacher reminded, in fact, this is an entity of psychological suggestion, so that you repeatedly confirm that you love him or her, and then firm your determination to win back love.

Two, silent mantra

What are the most spiritual small spells and incantations to win back love Love salvation

In a dark room, light a red candle, and then repeatedly recite "rainbow heart water", "dark night sky", "the song of the Holy Spirit", until the heart of the person you want to win back The image of the person you want to redeem appears in your mind.

1. "Rainbow Heart Water":

This spell originates from ancient mystical studies and can trigger unprecedented inspiration to rekindle the feelings of both parties for each other, stimulating the emotions of each piece, making the love deeper and more sincere, and saving the old lover from the depths of the other's heart.

2. "Dark Night Sky":

Cast into this dark space, let both parties meet again and start from the beginning, with its unsettling atmosphere, gently bring back the old dream, awaken hope from the new version, and finally make both parties move again and start the love from the beginning.

3. "Song of the Holy Spirit":

This is a sacred activity with far-reaching meaning, connecting the thoughts and hearts of both parties, picking up the wounded stories again, from soothing wounds to deep feelings, allowing both parties to face and understand each other with renewed responsibility and honesty, and awakening love from the pouring of dawn.

Qianqian teacher reminded that this is actually this is also a kind of psychological implication, only it is virtual, in your innermost being.

Three, charm making

Soak the yellow paper with sulfur soapy water, dry it, and then write the first and third words of "Night of Memories", "Flower Moon Party" and "Road to Redemption" on the front side with a yellow water pen, and the second and fourth words on the reverse side. Write the second and fourth words on the reverse side and put them on the places where you have had good experiences, such as the bed, sofa, etc.What are the most spiritual small spells and incantations to win back love Love salvation


1. Night of memories:

Write to revisit both sides of the past, with a warm theme dinner full of romance, so that the two people re-respect each other's love, put the positive memories of each other, from the new version to replace each other's negative memories, with a down-to-earth pace back on the road to get back together.

2. Flower Moon Party:

Write to gather only the two of you can touch the historical memories, redraw the picture of memory, through this kind of party, so that the two of you fully appreciate another lonely keeper, those silent gentle power, in the two of you look forward to pick up the beat of love again.

3, the road to redemption:

Write when you want to conference both sides of the former scene, with delicious, less words out of the power of previous injuries, in the form of life to inform the former happened, no matter how long the road, as long as love is accompanied, the heart can be bathed in soft clear sky.

Qianqian teacher reminded, this way a bit of superstition shadow, can try, but does not guarantee the effect on everyone.

What are the most spiritual small spells and incantations to win back love Love salvation

In short, love is precious, we have to maintain and operate with care, however, sometimes hurt, but this can not be an excuse, so here, we have to learn to use the heart for the specific situation to restore love small spells and spells to help compound. Small red paper spells can let your significant other know how much you love him and help them appreciate love; silent spells can make him or her change their attitude, start over and move again; charm making can make each other respect love again and make changes early. Finally, we can use sincerity and action to bring back true love and keep maintaining and nurturing the current relationship, thus gaining the fruit of love freedom.