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Spiritual love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual)

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple


Nowadays, young people in love are quite sophisticated, some in the important holidays to send their girlfriends flowers. Some directly spend money to buy expensive things to each other. No matter what you buy is a piece of your own heart, is to make the two sides happy relationship. But some people encounter obstacles in the process of dating, perhaps because they use the *** error, today to bring you very spiritual love voodoo spells and love voodoo 12 law, hope to help people who are in love.


Spiritual love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual)


There seems to be a lot of bitter lovebirds, I hope these little love spells can make everyone's love are happy and smooth. All happy! As for practicality, I personally feel that the power is given to you, you feel useful and happy when you use it, then some things have started to change! Good luck to everyone!


For young men and women who are in love, sometimes some sentimental fun little game, after the actual operation, but can really play some role in enhancing feelings, believe it or not, come and try it!

Spiritual love voodoo spells (love spells most spiritual) 2nd 


1, let him initiate the spell


At the two ends of the pink ribbon, write your name and his name (available in English abbreviations), and then carry it with you, he will take the initiative to talk to you.


2、Mantra for pleasant conversation


Cut out a heart shape on thin red paper, then let it be exposed to the moonlight, absorb the moon's light, so it will help to improve the luck of love.


3、Spell to make the relationship better


Draw a heart on a white ribbon and place it under the moonlight, then place the ribbon on his picture and kiss the ribbon before going to bed, then the relationship with him will become better.

Spiritual love voodoo spells (love spells most spiritual) 3rd 

Spiritual love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual)


4、Kiss before going to bed


Draw a heart symbol with a pink pen on thin paper, then write his initials next to it, and then kiss the heart before going to bed.


5、Increase the good feeling


Find a photo with his name, with a yellow pen, draw a heart-shaped symbol to frame him, so that his good feelings for you will increase rapidly.


6、Good night my love


Wrap his photo with a pink cloth, and then remember to say "xxxx good night" to him in the photo before going to bed.

Love voodoo spells (love spells most spiritual) 4th 


Love witchcraft 12 law revealed


Love witchcraft 12 laws:


One, how deep do you love me - baby: apple


Meaning: red apples help love luck, representing enthusiasm and cheerfulness, so that you can not find less love opportunities.

Witchcraft: the apple to the skin, the whole dipped in a glass filled with red wine. The next day to see how much red wine stained apples, you can know how much he loves you.


Second, the faithful fish - baby: goldfish


Meaning: In feng shui, goldfish represents peach blossom, you have not yet fallen in love you can keep a goldfish at home to increase the luck of love.

Spiritual love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual)

Witchcraft: If you find that your lover is unfaithful to you, buy him an irregular shape of the goldfish tank, put a few (odd) darker color goldfish, can block for him to peach blossom.

Spiritual love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual) Sheet 5 


Three, look at the future lovers - baby: tea cup


Meaning: not any source of life energy, teacup is used to hold water vessels, and very close to the body, the so-called; private cup well.


Witchcraft: in the night of the full moon, the teacup will be filled with water, with a silver spoon spoons the cup of water gradually stirred, you can vaguely see the outline of the future object from the water activity.


Fourth, I hope you know me better - baby: ring

Spiritual love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual)


Meaning: single you wear the ring can beware of villains, have a (male) girlfriend, the ring will have the meaning of restraint and commitment.


Witchcraft: buy a ring for your beloved, then put it under your pillow for a week, and then give it to him (her), you will find that he (she) can predict your heart, photos more harmonious.

Love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual) Sheet 6 


Five, always hanging on to you - baby: perfume


Meaning: Perfume gives a kind of confusing imagery, emitting perfume smell of people, you will want to approach. And perfume can mix each person's body temperature and emit a unique fragrance Dianchi, increase the opposite sex.


Witchcraft: put the paper dyed with perfume and lovers' photos together, and can be far apart to charm his heart, so he can always hang on to you.


Six, the love of a lifetime - baby: candle


Meaning: candle torch has the meaning of ****, once upon a time people correspondence also use paraffin to seal the private, there is a symbol of old-fashioned commitment.

Spiritual love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual)


Witchcraft: prepare a piece of paper, a large head of needle and a candle torch, write down your name and your lover's name on the paper, folded in half and fixed with a large head of needle, the candle in the light will be fixed together with the large head of ten and paper. Bury the completed spell in a secret place to pray for the two of you to be together forever.4

Spiritual love witchcraft spells (love spells most spiritual) Sheet 7 


Seven, quickly meet the most loved him - baby: crystal


Meaning: Crystals have incredible energy and respond to each other with human energy. Pink crystal gives the message that people like to be close and will bring love luck.


Witchcraft: people with poor love luck can put a large heart-shaped pink crystal near the heart every night before going to bed, meditate on the ideal object for three to five minutes, and then put the pink crystal under the pillow to help your dream come true.


Eight, pluck up the courage to show love - baby: eggs


Meaning: Eggs are rich in nutrients and increase your fighting spirit and courage in love, making you more active in fighting for your loved one.


Witchcraft: no courage to confess, with a brush dipped in rose (four drops), ylang-ylang (three drops) and bergamot (one drop) formula of aromatherapy oil, write the name of the other party on the egg, you can enhance your courage to love.


Nine, enhance the luck of love - baby: flowers


Significance: bouquet of flowers has amazing moving chi, is to bring the omen of love. Planting flowers can attract luck.

Witchcraft: put more flowers in your home, by the natural incense of flowers, can make people glow. Never place dried flowers, as it is flowers that represent love, but dried flowers represent the disappointment of love.

Spiritual love witchcraft spell (love spell most spiritual) No. 8 


Ten, reunite quickly - baby: shells


Meaning: Shells contain minerals to make the girl more beautiful, in Greek times were used as *** love tokens, with the power of contact.


Witchcraft: when you and your lover are about to part, the shell in half, two people hold a copy of each, can guard the distant lover and you remember the time of reunion.


Eleven: Punish the third party - baby: Voodoo (voodoo)


Meaning: Voodoo originated in the North African region, mainly using dolls to symbolize the cursed body, remote control and casting spells.


Voodoo: There are two ways to cast a spell: first, the target person must use the object close to him as a medium; second, the target person is identified and relies on the caster's power and will, without having to contact the other person directly. If you find that your lover has a third party, you can prepare a voodoo doll, a large head pin, a candle and the object of the other party, meditate on your wish, and the voodoo doll will help you achieve it.

Spiritual love voodoo spells (love spells most spiritual) Sheet 9 


Twelve, let lovers become tender - baby: glass


Meaning: The glass represents blessing and spiritual abundance. In ancient Indian spells, the father blesses his married daughter, but uses the glass to cast a spell.


Witchcraft: the night before the date, the glass filled with water, and a white candle to divide the glass of water into five equal parts, put it on the side of the bed, close your eyes and read: Varna three days later, Varna four days later; to into sleep, the next day will drink a sip of water, the Indian moon goddess Varna will make him into a gentle lover.