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How the light spell defeats black magic

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple



#Today's Thoughts# Hang on to that woman. As long as she is still in Xuzhou, her hands are still tied with restraints, the person who said she had hallucinations and hallucinations is still close to her, these attachments are a daily routine.

Yesterday, I went through a few more bloggers' posts. The post of @BioDogYB suggests that if the purpose of the 2020 test is for "Yang MouMan" to apply for a household to do low insurance, why the January 30 notice of the Dong family in 2014 has been implemented low insurance?

How the light spell defeats black magic


The only explanation is that in 2014, the Dong family took the low income insurance is other people, and the chain woman has been in the black household status. But the notice also wrote "the General Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Government on the implementation of the solution to the problem of registration of people without a household account" (Su Zhengfa [2016] No. 26) is clear. For people without household registration whose origin is unknown, all of them should collect DNA for comparison, and after investigation by the public security authorities, they are not found to have registered a household or other household registration information, they can apply for permanent household registration in the community (unit) collective household where they actually live and reside."  


I searched why this implementation advice, it turns out that it is to solve the long-standing problem of black households, and in 2017 has achieved remarkable results - black household clearance rate of 100%. All of the 61,653 people without household registration have been successfully settled.


In 2017, she came to Dongji village has been 19 years, what does this tell us? The province-wide search, all require the provision of DNA comparison, not to say that not a great deal of people, the decree in the Dong set of this clan power outside the boundary of the invisible, a bottom farmer also have their own prohibited catch.


The shed where she had been locked up had been dismantled. But she was still not reunited with her family. After the use of human tactics and technical means, with a large number of relatives testimony and physical evidence to smash the fact that she is Xiaohuamei, why not let people's relatives meet?

Since it was verified that she was "Xiaohuamei", "Yang Mouman" was a fake name given to her by her victim, and "Yang Mouying" was a fake ID, why did she continue to be referred to as "Yang Mouman" in the notice and subsequent media reports? "The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

How the light spell defeats black magic

Since the marriage relationship between Dong Mumin and her was obtained through the issuance of a fake certificate and the use of connections, is this a marriage relationship that can be established? Under this guise, Dong Moumin was able to commit a number of crimes against her, so should it be allowed to continue to shelter Dong, empowering him to receive a light sentence as her husband, and continue to have the right to dispose of her after her release from prison?

What message does this series of responses to public opinion, the treatment of perpetrators and victims, and the ignorance of the routine process of legalized status and incarceration send to the evil people in the chain of human trafficking and slavery? What sense of security does it give us ordinary people?

The good thing that cannot be called good is that we thus see more shocking: the women in the dungeons, the women in the cages, they are invariably found, the people who guard and exploit them are invariably old, ugly and poor, and the only way they can keep these young women is to inflict the most inhumane evil on them, dehumanize them, turn them into a piece of meat writhing in misery, in order to stay in their bowl to enjoy with confidence. In this way, they are invariably given the status and authority of "husbands" when they are exposed, and the horrific conditions become an "owned" thing, causing only astonishment and alarm, not a full-blown alarm.

Wouldn't this make every normal family that has girls and cherishes them sleep and eat?

NPC deputy Jiang Shengnan put it well. She said, "Changing (the crime of abduction and trafficking) requires a systemic project, and the rescued woman must be kept away from places that hurt her in order to be rescued and given a new lease on life, rather than having a few intermediate abductees sentenced to prison and done with." Relevant policies should be introduced to allow the abductees account, school, job relocation, "even if life can not return to the origin, but also a new start.

How the light spell defeats black magic


The way to fight against black magic is to cut the chains of "wife" and "mother" imposed on them by evil people, to cancel the spell of those fake names, so that they can change back to human form and get back their own names and identities. The way to fight black magic is to cut the "wife" "mother" chains imposed on them by evil men, to cancel the spell of those false names, to let them return to human form, to get back their own names and identity, to get back their freedom and dignity.