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Harry Potter all spells 

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple



All the spells of Harry Potter?

1、Obstacles (Obstacles spell): Impedimento

2、Ho god guard (guardian spell): Expecto Patronum

3. Animagus (Transformation spell - Oro use magic spell): Animagi


5. Mantra Riku Stop Mantra (Stop Mantra): Fubute Ubcabtaten

6、Rapid recovery (recovery of consciousness): Enervate

7、Fast confinement (confinement spell): Colloportus

8、Armor protection (armor spell): Protego

9. Phantom spell (invisibility spell)_Aura with magic spell): Disillusionment

10.Prior Incantato

11. Feingardium Leviosa (Levitation spell): Wingardium Leviosa

12. Hastily present (manifestation spell): Apareciym

13、Slip Slip Slip (to Burgher): Ridikuius

14、Growing larger at speed (become larger spell): Enforgio

15, fast shrinkage (shrinking spell): Reducio

Harry Potter all spells 

Harry Potter's strongest spell?

Harry - the strongest Potter spell is the Li Fire spell.

The inventor of the Li Fire spell and the specific spell is unknown. In the book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", the use of this magic can summon increasingly powerful magical fire. These fires can be disguised in the form of some monster that constantly chases and kills all objects that can burn, which is much more powerful than the fire produced by the spell Flaming Bear.

Lee fire has a curse, powerful, and because it is black magic, it is one of the few substances that can destroy the Horcruxes.

Harry Potter's most powerful spell?

1, thunderbolt explosion, blasting spell (The Blasting Curse), known spell casters: Alberta Tussell, Dwarf Star Peter, Harry Potter, Hermione, Voldemort, Minerva McGonagall

This is a terrible spell, twin brothers Fred and George Weasley are the victims, the former Fred - in the defense of Hogwarts, Weasley died, the latter George Severus - Professor Snape's walking spell hit, lost an ear.

Harry Potter all spells 

Harry Potter" in the most powerful nine spells, after reading found Hermione is simply too cute! , 2, the regent take God (Legilimens), good at: Severus? Snape, Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore

In using it, you need to look directly at each other, and then you can read each other's feelings and memories. Although this spell is conditional, if you win, it will be seen to be transparent and have no privacy at all. No wonder there is an age limit for learning this spell, you need to undergo a rigorous personality test.


3, a forgetfulness of all (Obliviate), the middle spell: Hermione's parents, Giedro Lockhart

Make people forget memories, either a particular memory or all memories, who gives me to use?


4, compound soup (Polyjuice Potions)

Polyjuice Potions can make people into another person, but according to the description in the book, this is a difficult to make magic potion, but in fact, shortly after the trio enrolled in school, Hermione managed to assign it to three people, so that they successfully turned into the brother Malfoy, Crabbe and Gower. This potion has appeared many times in the books, but can this potion turn into another person entirely? A little too evil?


5, Knightfire (Fiendfire), black magic

When the trio was ready to destroy Ravenclaw's crown, Crabbe released a ferocious spell that immediately turned the entire house into a fireball, the flames could not be extinguished with water, very scary.


6, Love Potions (Love Potions), user: Ron Voldemort's mother, Merope Gunter

Love Potions is a magic potion to make others like themselves, but love potions can not create true love. It is said that Voldemort's mother gave birth to him after drinking the Love Potion, so he was born without feelings, because he was not born because of love, and was forbidden because of this terrible characteristic.

Harry Potter all spells 

7, soul weapon (Horcrux)

Voldemort's soul split seven times, creating eight soul fragments, six created souls, including Tom, - Riddle's diary, Marvolo Gaunt's ring, Slytherin's pendant box, Hedgehog's golden cup, Ravenclaw's crown, Nagini, the remaining two, one in his own body, the other in Harry Potter. This is too dangerous. Fortunately, only Voldemort has the ability to make in Harry Potter.


8, obfuscation, confusion spell (Confundus Charm), Little Barty, known user - Crouch, Hermione, Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Mystique (to Drax to make the spell)

The Confusion spell is a relatively mild spell, usually used for pranks, but it is very sharp in cheating scenarios. However, if you use it, you can even cheat the Goblet of Fire and get Harry to compete in the top three.


God's Blade Shadowless Spell (Sectumsempra) Host: Severus Snape, Harry Potter

Severus Snape invented invented a super deadly spell during his student days. The part injured by this spell can not be regenerated in any way. Only Snape himself can undo it. Look at the extent of Malfoy's injuries at the time. Everyone should agree that this spell should be banned!