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Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple

What kind of witchcraft do the ethnic minorities have?
1. Praying for help: It means that people, in a certain way, deceive to pray for natural forces or ghosts and gods to help them achieve certain purposes. For example, when the Han people pray for rain, they worship the Dragon King, but when worship fails, they have to do witchcraft to force the Dragon King to make it rain. Such as carrying the Dragon King parade, exposure to the Dragon King, the well water drained, etc..

Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)
2, soul: witchcraft to recruit back the lost soul. It is not only limited to people themselves, but also applies to animals and plants. For example, the Geno people for the Valley God to recruit the soul, the Miao for the cattle to recruit the soul, the Han children are sick, often think that the soul is lost outside the village, the mother has to take the child's clothes to go outside the village to call the child's name, to recruit the soul. The Yi also have the custom of invoking the spirits of elders who have been away for many years or died in a foreign country. The shaman presides over the ceremony, often standing on a high mountain, looking in the direction of the deceased, calling out the name of the deceased, while pretending with hemp thread that the soul of the deceased will return. The Zhuang and Mao Nan ethnic groups also have the witchcraft of invoking the souls of the dead and lovers. Generally the young man more female witch, the witch head covered with a sheet, inviting God to possess the body, soon she will enter a coma, announcing that the soul has possessed, so the witch will represent the man's lover, singing with the man, pouring out their feelings.
3. Cursing: It is done with the magic of language to harm the other party. The most common form is a face-to-face curse, such as "no good death" or "death by a thousand and twenty-two cuts". More often, the purpose of witchcraft is achieved by cursing the name of the other party. The Dai people have a kind of "put Luo" sorcery, the purpose of which is to provoke other people's relationship with the couple, so that they can interfere. Practice is to take two pieces of bamboo from the fence of the couple's cemetery, engraved: "you two thorns on the chest, can not embrace each other, only like looking at each other across the river," and then put in each other under the bamboo, that within three days the couple will lose peace. In the northeast Han and Manchu areas in the past there is a steaming cat curse, such as the lost found someone stole their belongings and according to deny, the lost will steal the birth date, name written on paper, and a cat together in a steamer, the cat in the cage struggling screaming, the lost will curse the theft of the same as the cat, no good death.

Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)
4、Exorcism: It is an offensive sorcery performed on ghosts. It is often used in production, house building, medical treatment, and funerals. This is the main work of folk shamans. When the Yi shaman in Liangshan treats a patient, the patient sits at the door with a bamboo dustpan on his head, and the shaman shouts, "Catch the harmful ghost, catch him! Another Yi shaman, Suni, when driving away ghosts, places many branches around the fire pond and as he walks around the fire pond, beating a sheepskin drum, he invites the gods of the mountains to descend, then suddenly opens the mouth of a pottery jar and says, "Catch the ghost and put it in the pottery jar" and immediately seals the mouth and shouts, "I'm going to burn the ghost that hurts people! Harmful ghosts, I want to burn you!" Said, Suni the pottery jar in the ghost into the fire, and said, "Ghost A, you wait, to the bamboo basket can hold water, you come back." There are also: paper boats with bright candles burning in the sky, shooting the bride with arrows at weddings, mai fire pots, etc. Many of the Han witchcraft to drive away ghosts were later inherited by Taoism. Symbols, swords, seals and mirrors are the main tools of Taoist priests to drive away ghosts. Witchcraft is also applied to the dead. The Li people are the most fearful of the dead and must hold complicated rituals when they are buried: they must take a winding road to make the souls of the dead difficult to return, and when they are buried, they must press the corpses with huge stones or nail them with wooden stakes, in order to make the souls of the dead never return to their homes, otherwise they will disturb their families.

Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)
5, to avoid evil: is the use of certain objects to prevent evil spirits from coming, is a negative witchcraft. Evil-avoiding objects are usually decorated on buildings, vehicles and production tools, and also worn on the body. The Pumi have many lime handprint patterns printed on doors or walls, which are said to be a posture to fight each ghost, and the ghosts are feared. Hanging knives, swords, saws and goat horns on the lintel of the door can also avoid evil. Oroqen people hang boar's teeth and bear's nose on the "fairy pillar; Dong people hang dog's head on the door to protect the family with dogs. The Miao hang rice sieve and fish net on the door, think rice sieve symbolizes eyes, can detect the whereabouts of ghosts, fish net is a tool to catch ghosts, ghosts will see it and avoid it. Totem is also a kind of evil objects, the Yi mostly painted a tiger on the door. Northwest China and Europe often hang horseshoes. Han Chinese amulets, door gods and house swords are to avoid evil things.
Fourth, the release of witchcraft
1, what is compulsion: is a kind of poisonous insects to haunt the witchcraft of people. Is a more ancient mysterious, horrible witchcraft, mainly popular in the southern part of China and some ethnic minorities. Compulsion, from the word form, is a lot of bugs in a container. Kong Yingda "thirteen classic commentary" said: "to poison medicine medicine, people do not know, the law today is called the compulsion." The materia medica insects four as a poisonous insect fed by people, "take a hundred insects into the weng, after years of opening, there must be a bug eat all the insects, this is called compulsion."

Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)
2, the production and types of compulsions: the storage of compulsions are mostly women, is the specialty of women. Yunnan Magazine: "Yunnan people home stored compulsion ... people hide, children worry about the food, the breeder of compulsions for the secret room, so that women feed, a man will be defeated, the pure yin gathered. Zhou to go to the non-Ling Dai answer: compulsion for "women toms shoes outlet night sacrifice", "Yunnan New Language": for the yi female pleased. There are many types of compulsions, usually: golden silkworm compulsion, noma compulsion, epileptic compulsion, swelling compulsion, loach compulsion, stone compulsion, gomer compulsion, snake compulsion and so on. Among them, the most vicious golden silkworm compulsion. In the old days in some counties and villages in Fujian, the superstitious activities of raising the golden silkworm is more prevalent. It is said that the golden silkworm is an invisible insect spirits, it can do things for people, the most diligent in health, most of the indoor very clean home will be considered to raise the golden silkworm family. The production method of the golden silkworm is: choose snakes, centipedes and other 12 kinds of poisonous insects, buried in the crossroads, after 49 days (or another mysterious number of days) to take out and stored in the incense burner, become the golden silkworm. In the minds of people who believe in the golden silkworm, the golden silkworm is spiritual, both to make the breeder rich and wealthy, but the rich family owners also want to tell the golden silkworm deficit how much, or the golden silkworm asked to spend money to buy people to eat it, or else it is haunted. Raising gold silkworm family if you do not want to raise it again, you can transfer it out, said "married gold silkworm", the method is to use bags of silver, pollen and ash (on behalf of the gold silkworm), placed on the road, money-grubbing people will naturally pick up.Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)

The golden silkworm can kill the enemy, usually by swelling the abdomen and bleeding from the seven orifices. Noma compulsion, also known as "egg release, noma release and bee release, is popular in Guangdong and Guangxi folklore. The method is to catch centipedes, snakes, centipedes, ants, poisonous bees, cicadas, earthworms and other hair on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, and then dried and powdered and worshipped in front of the statue of the God of Plague, which can be poisoned by putting it in the diet. Epilepsy hub popular in the Dong, more snakes buried in the soil after the fungus, used to harm people into epilepsy; swelling compulsion to make the abdomen swollen; loach compulsion, is the use of compulsion powder and bamboo leaves dipped loach and people eat, so that the poison; as for the stone compulsion, gomer compulsion are compulsion medicine soaked and made, put in the road to harm people, it is said to enter the body to haunt people into maladies.
2 folk witchcraft collection
3, the method of compulsion is mostly into the food. Compulsion female compulsion is more in the food, "Chia": "compulsion into the first food, taste increased a hundredfold", and more on the first piece of food. Under the compulsion is under the worm itself, the advantages of the worm feces, but also under the saliva. Sometimes the compulsion can be administered without food. Liu Nan, "Miao wilderness small record": "Miao compulsion poison, to the fearful, the release of the compulsion, without special food, where the hush to the air, see with the eyes, can transmit its poison to people; with food, the compulsion under the multiplier."

Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)
4, the symptoms of the compulsion and verification method: Liu Xifan "in the compulsion, or throat swelling, can not swallow; or the face green and yellow, the day on the barren; or the chest, coughing; or chest and abdomen swollen drum, numbness of the limbs; or a few days to die, or a few months to die. Verification method: can make them chew raw soy beans, no fishy smell is the compulsion, in minority areas is a piece of duck protein in the mouth, insert a silver needle on it, if the duck protein and silver needle becomes black, then the compulsion. Prevention and compulsion methods: where the spider web dust home, suspected of breeding compulsion home, avoid the traffic; where food such as the host first with chopsticks knock a knock cup bowl, after serving rice, suspected of compulsion, be especially careful not to eat or break the road; where the food outside, carry garlic, can prevent compulsion, compulsion into the wine is difficult to cure, go out without alcohol can prevent compulsion. The method of breaking the compulsions: take Xiong Huang, garlic, calamus decoction, or pomegranate root water, can be diarrhea poison; also cloud gold silkworm most afraid of hedgehog, can be used in medicine to cure the compulsions. Ancient and old medical books more than all medical compulsion prescriptions, a variety of. The method of breaking compulsion: broken, autumn Miao women with cloth bags sold prickly pear in the children to eat, more compulsion, long for the group of children know, buy first call and ask: is there compulsion? Answer: no, it is not for harm. Then you can buy. In addition, it is said that the compulsion is afraid of the said, take the said into the house of compulsion, the compulsion immediately captured. Put the purpose of the compulsion, most of the dissipation of grievances, sometimes as a protective measure, such as Zhuang, someone afraid of others to steal food, they will put the compulsion, theft of the immediate death, on the contrary, "kill more, the compulsion of the spirit, the home to save."

Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)
V. Taboo witchcraft taboo, is a general term for a certain restriction on social behavior, beliefs and practices of the activity of restraint. Its common term is tabu (tabu), a Polynesian native language, which originally meant people, things, and places with supernatural spiritual powers that could not be touched by ordinary people. There are two reasons why these things cannot be touched by ordinary people, either they are seen as sacred objects or they are seen as ominous or unclean objects. It is a very common form of superstition. Taboo witchcraft is a form of negative witchcraft that requires people not to touch something or not to do something or else it will bring misfortune. The taboos are multifaceted, some out of fear of certain natural forces, some out of love for the elderly and children, some out of the psychology of worshipping ghosts and gods, and some out of superstition about luck and misfortune. Such as after the rain can not use the finger rainbow, otherwise rotten fingers; totem, sacred places, ancestral tablets, shamans to respect; pregnant women avoid eating ginger, rabbit meat; marriage avoid male and female attributes of the opposite, the wedding date is not odd, the moon can not get married during the eclipse, otherwise the couple lost harmony, and so on. For animals and plants, there are also taboos, Mongolian see cats pregnant, not allowed to insert chopsticks into the barrel of chopsticks, otherwise the cat will miscarry, sell livestock, must cut off a handful of hair left, or break the fortune.Folk witchcraft to build a marriage bridge (the most spiritual marriage spells)

Sixth, divine judgment witchcraft is also known as divine ruling, divine determination, heavenly punishment, etc.. He is a kind of witchcraft to pray to the gods to judge the truth and property disputes on earth, and divine judgment is an ancient method of adjudication commonly practiced by various peoples in the world under certain historical conditions. It is an important development stage of folk customary law. In the ancient legends, Gaotao's had used the divine judgment method to try cases, the method was to use sheep, and the suspects touched by the horns of the divine sheep were considered guilty. Later, the divine sheep evolved and became a symbol of the upright judge, and later judges were all crowned with Xiezhi.

For example, the judge of the theft: Jingpo people have "fighting field snail", the loser first put a field snail in the bowl, the suspect also caught a field snail into the bowl, so that the two field snails fight each other, and finally the victory or defeat of the field snail judge the theft. The Achang tribe lights a candle on each side, and the length of time it burns is used to determine the right and wrong of each side. The Jingpo people also have a kind of "egg divination", dark to the roof of the suspect's house to take a section of thatch, are placed in the bowl, and then ask the shaman to recite the scripture, pour an egg in the bowl, a little stirring, the suspected people also rushed to the scene, to see the egg white first stick on the thatch stick of whose house, who stole something. Fire judgment: Tibet has a fire to pick up things in the divine judgment, the method is to burn a stone or a piece of iron in the fire pond or a temporary burning pile of charcoal fire, so that the suspect picked up with their hands, if the hands are not burned, they are not guilty, otherwise they are guilty. Zhuang also apply the method of stepping on the fire (prepared in advance for fire prevention), the foot is not hurt, then justified, otherwise not justified. Blood judgment: tile lost in the suspect under the supervision of the head of the shaman, the two sides each stretch out a hand rubbing each other to a certain time, if both sides are bleeding or not, the fight to stop, such as one side bleeding to pay compensation or apologize for the reason. There are also head-bashing divine judgments, stabbing hands divine judgments and so on. In addition, there are frying pots (with vinegar or wax inside), water pots (with millet), diving, etc.

3 A collection of folk witchcraft
What is a ghost? Legend has it that ghosts are linked to spirits. In ancient times, people believed that there was a separate soul outside of the human body based on phenomena such as dreams and hallucinations. The ancients thought that after death, the soul still exists independently and becomes a ghost, which is an invisible, massless attachment to the body. When people are alive, the soul out of the body is very dangerous, in order to save the soul from leaving the body, there are many ways to recruit the soul, call the soul.

The ghost of a person after death has two whereabouts, one is still inhabiting this world, only on another object, and the other is to another world, namely the nether world. Of course there are also many ghosts that become wandering souls and are not allowed to live forever.
The reincarnation of a person's soul into another person or animal after death is known as reincarnation. After death to another world, to a variety of worlds, but in people's minds, the life of the underworld is the same as the reality, good people, good people, as well as warriors and warriors can ascend to heaven as gods, enjoy the sacrifice, die in the non-life is often suffering, such as hanging ghosts and drowning ghosts will be difficult to replace the body to transcend life.
When the evil spirits return to the earth, it is necessary to have special people with special techniques to drive them away. Either with prayers, or to purify, such as the Chinese use peach charms firecrackers is also a way to ward off ghosts.

Shanxi folk, farmers think the cause of the disease is haunted, or stepped on a ghost, only rely on drugs can not be treated, you must ask special people as well as the role of a special way to conquer ghosts and monsters, human life can be saved.
For example, "floating cottage where there are diseases, more according to the ghosts, recently began to know to extend the doctor to take medicine. As for the rural and mountainous areas, medicine is difficult to cure, a disease, the wizard to take advantage of the confusion; more fasting good woman, burning incense and reciting Buddha to save people's diseases, nine leaves bridle hydra tail to keep good beer! The first time I saw the film, I was able to see the film, and the second time I saw the film, I was able to see the film! br>
In the northern part of Shanxi, there is a popular way of exorcising ghosts by "watching the intruders". As long as men, women, and children are sick, those who believe in this way will go to the paper store to "see the intruder", the so-called intruder, ghosts and demons. And "see the intruder" is actually seeking to exorcise the ghost of the formula. In the old days, towns and counties in the paper store are operating a special superstitious paper, such as "money stacks", "empty space" and so on, there are books on this path, as long as the person asked the date of the disease can use these things to find out the method of resignation of ghosts and the use of artifacts. Such as which direction, a few steps out of the door, a few multicolored paper money, a few stacks of money and so on. When sending ghosts, one way is to use a bowl of sauerkraut field water, the three pillars of incense lit on both ends of the patient's head after three turns, the mouth chanting words, two of which can be heard is "head to, feet up", "where to, where to", and then observe the sauerkraut soup water It is said that the ghosts can be seen and sent in the direction of the ghosts, after which the various sacred papers are sent to the gate for incineration. In this way, the haunted ghosts can be sent away to heal the sick and save the people.
This custom has been nearly extinct since the liberation, after the 1980s there is a revival, but the custom has been some changes, the family of the sick generally go to the paper store to buy their own paper, print their own ghost money ghost paper, and then find a yin and yang gentleman or witch god Han presided over the ghost ceremony.

Witchcraft to drive away ghosts in Shanxi folk more popular. Witchcraft is known as the witch Shenhan.
In folklore, the witch is a "professional" who prays for people to drive away ghosts through the possession of spirits. There are many old men and women. They generally use yellow paper as a talisman, incense ashes for the elixir, water for the divine dew, pretending to be a god, dancing and dancing, the gods surrendered, either here the fox fairy or the other gods and monsters, the southern accent, loud words. In fact, it is the manipulation of human life, fraudulent money through ghosts and gods.
But the ignorant and foolish peasants are convinced of this, bending their heads and ears, obeying orders. There are also witches and gods using the "quiet" way to drive ghosts, they are often invited by the patient's family, first lying still in a room, do not drink or eat, to show that the soul out of the body, has been to the soul of the sick in the nether world