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Share||Basic Money Magic Ritual

Jan 17,2023 | lovespelltemple

Share||Basic Money Magic Ritual
The magic ritual shared with you today is one of the most basic candle spell rituals, which is simple to perform and effective in enhancing your fortune to create abundance.

Preparation materials:
Green candle  
Yellow flowers
A plate. If you don't have a scale, use a small table covered with black cloth instead.
A few bills in any denomination

Take a green candle and purify it. 
Take a purified green candle and carve your name in pencil on one side of the green candle and a symbol of money on the other.
Place the green candle in the center of a plate and secure it, or if you don't have a scale, use a small table with a clean tablecloth instead.
Next to the green candle, place a few bills of the enormous amount you can afford and yellow flower petals.
Slowly move the money toward the candle while chanting the mantra and meditating: the bill is paid, the debt is settled, the wallet is bulging, etc. Note: Be sure to meditate on specific things.
Let the candle continue to burn, and you can choose to let it burn out all at once or do it slowly over several days; when the candle is burned out, bury the remaining ashes in your flower pot. Note: If you don't have a flower pot, you can plant it in the soil of your neighborhood.

When burning candles, you can also divine the progress of things and wishes in the process.

The method of determining this is as follows.
Looking forward from where you were sitting at the beginning of the ceremony, the flame is to the right, or the candle burns very slowly, which means that things and wishes are complicated to achieve.

If the flame is to the left or burns very fast, things and wishes will progress quickly and smoothly.


The primary money mantra is as follows:

By all the power of three times three

I draw money onto myself.