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How to change the peach blossom luck!

Mar 24,2023 | lovespelltemple

The first move, clothes open peach blossom luck method: method: should wear brighter color clothes, girls can wear red series of clothes, boys are light-colored clothes with open peach blossom effect. Effect: make the opposite sex easier to get close to you, and have to open up the fortune, enhance the spiritual power of people. The second move, point rose essential oil: method: in the study or desk point essential oil, but with rose and other floral essential oils. Effect: essential oils have the ability to relax people and produce similar off thoughts with related essential oils, so it can make love luck open. The third move, the pillow under the red line: method: under the pillow red line, length and pillow flush or slightly longer than the pillow, you can invariably get more chances of peach blossom. Effect: take the meaning of the old man under the moon to hold the red line, as long as there is a red line under the pillow, invisible so that your peach blossoms one after another open.How to change the peach blossom luck! 

Fourth trick, pillows, sheets, sheets in red series of colors: method: pillows, sheets and quilts are things that come into contact with every day, do not just put red lines under the pillow, but also use the red system of bedding, the most with the effect of opening peach blossoms. Effect: red has the meaning of peach blossom joy, just like the wedding, are dominated by red, so sleep bedding color auspicious, with the effect of recruiting peach blossom. The fifth move, hair open peach blossom: method: girls' hair should be long, boys' hair should be short, which can bring peach blossom. Effect: female main soft, male main just, hair long main yin, hair short main yang, so girls stay long hair, boys stay short hair, can attract peach blossoms. Sixth move, can not be too thin: law: men and women should not be too thin, too light weight, no blessing, but also let the peach blossom away. Effect: Men and women have a fleshy body with greater blessings,

too thin people's cheekbones easily exposed, the blessings weakened. Seventh trick, window flowers: method: you can insert a few red flowers in the bedroom window, can have the effect of attracting peach blossoms. Effect: flowers is a kind of peach blossom meaningful things, red flowers can lead to your peach blossom luck. Eighth move, the word spring door: method: bedroom door with the word "spring" on the spring couplet, with the effect of open peach blossom. Effect: the word spring has the meaning of peach blossom, so the bedroom on the "spring" word coupling, can open peach blossom. Ninth move, wear shoes to open the law: method: girls can wear red shoes, while boys are wearing white or black leather shoes can be, but must be polished. Effect: girls wear red shoes have the effect of driving peach blossoms, boys should not wear red shoes, but leather shoes shine will be able to open up luck. The tenth move, before going to bed to make a wish: method: before going to bed to stand in the bedroom facing the window, the old man under the moon to make a wish, the moon will bring you peach blossoms. Effect: sincerity is spiritual, the gods will secretly help you bring peach blossom luck, the heart is not sincere is not spiritual.

How to change the peach blossom luck!

5 moves to quickly enhance the Cancer male love fortune, harvest love at the moment, you know?
The gentle and family-oriented Cancer friends, often in front of their favorite girls always can not get their own position. I think they have been working very hard to pay, but the other party is not digestible, Get can not. You say this anxious people not anxious people! So today I will start from the characteristics of the sign of the Cancer male, targeted to offer a few dry goods on love, I hope to find some sense of direction for the same Cancer you, so that girls are more active to understand and love you!


1, make good use of love thinking rather than "love brain", in layman's terms is to know how to think about each other's feelings. Cancer male bones will have a stubborn maternal complex, think the other side like a small child who never grows up, want to use the swaddling type of care to care for each other. Of course, this pure and frank enthusiasm is very good, but sometimes it will also bring each other a sense of bondage and pressure, so I suggest that Cancer men in deep love with each other at the same time, may be more in the girl's point of view to think about what is love, rather than impose on her what they think love.

How to change the peach blossom luck!

2, make good use of the psychological "anti skimming effect", girls are a very curious group, they can never resist those with a sense of mystery things. The most typical case is "unpacking", take an unopened courier in front of the girl, her heart must be like a cat's paws scratching the same thinking, what is inside! From a psychological point of view, creating a counter skimming effect or a sense of mystery, can better arouse each other's curiosity, thus increasing her desire to explore us.How to change the peach blossom luck!

3, carve out an exclusive persona of their own. This is really important for Cancer men, Cancer boys once they fall in love with each other, it is easy to lose themselves, and even willing to change some of their behavioral habits for each other's preferences. But doing so is often more detrimental to long-term business. Good feelings should be in the beginning, adhere to their own unique style, after contact, she can have a more profound impression of you, to do a listen, a look to know is from you.

4, avoid the "short and quick" type of enthusiasm.

The crab man in love with the kind of uncompromising care is notorious, into the state of the speed is also very fast, but sometimes often mistaken by girls too impatient, too strong purpose! Although such misunderstandings are solid, but we have to admit that most girls in the pre-relationship is indeed very sensitive. Therefore, in order to dispel the girl's concerns, the Cancer man should show more patience and composure. The important thing is that the kind of unhurried, all in order behavior, can pass to each other infinite sense of security, so that each other feel that we are worth entrusted with a lifetime.

How to change the peach blossom luck!

5、Use the existing tools around you

A lot of crab men will be shy to take the initiative to say some flirtatious words, it does not matter! The actual fact is that you can use the existing tools around you to help us show ourselves better! The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. A paragraph of text with a scene or a few exquisite, interesting composition of the photo can be the most intuitive way to share the mood or story you are experiencing at the time. And the girls are "clear-eyed" masters, they can dig out from the photos you take a lot of clues to their own interest, if your photos happen to have these elements are actively explored by her, in the display of their own value and charm is not half the effort!


Love message: there are many more details of love, but we are not using a set template to fall in love, just that, when we have these qualities, these excellent qualities always influence our behavior, thus exuding personal charm, girls will unknowingly be attracted to you. When we patiently summarize those still imperfect in themselves, and a little change, a little accumulation, the relationship will be more mature.